About the Service

TLG Capital’s whistleblowing service is intended for employees, contractors, interns, etc., at TLG Capital and at the companies and funds in which TLG Capital invests.

If you feel that you cannot be open about your concerns regarding a serious irregularity such as suspected accounting crimes or corruption, we offer a possibility to file an anonymous report.

A report relating to an individual may only concern persons in key or executive positions within TLG Capital and the companies and funds in which TLG Capital invests. Any reports relating to other persons other than these must be made through normal channels - for example, by reporting to an immediate supervisor or by directly emailing info@tlgcapital.com.

Your report is handled confidentially in accordance with the guidelines for TLG Capital's whistleblowing service. As a whistleblower, you are protected against reprisals and no investigation regarding your identity may be carried out.

You do not need any evidence for your suspicions, but the report must be made in good faith.

You can file your report simply and safely by following the instructions in the reporting form. The report must contain only the information requested in the form. Describe your matter carefully so that we have a basis for the investigation. If you wish to remain anonymous, be careful not to disclose your own identity.

You will not be able to read your message after it has been sent. Please save your message in a safe place it you need to keep it for future reference